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OPAL was developed as workload calculation tool to determine the staff and ground support equipment demand. Heart of the program is the automatic shift computation algorithm.


Over the last eleven years it is in the field at Munich Airport as planning tool, as well as portable solution to support consulting projects in capacity questions.

In the following only the basic features are mentioned.

OPAL staff and GSE planning

overview of the basic functions

  • flight schedule analysis
  • workload calculation
  • staff demand evaluation
  • shift planning
  • reporting
  • gliding hour analysis out of the flight schedule
  • runway capacity over the day

Define exactly the

  • number of manpower
  • time range
  • qualification
  • aircraft type
  • airline
  • destination

to calculate the workload


Graphical display of workload.

The qualifications are visible in different


A detailed shift model describes the possibilities of appropriate shifts.

The shift computation algorithm automaticaly finds the best coverage of the workload graph calculating appropiate shifts.

OPAL provides a lot of reports to present the results. Special interfaces to connect existing systems can be built.

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