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The resource allocation and simulation system DISPO was developed, programmed and validated within the last 10  years according to the needs of airports, specially Munich Airport, based on the demands of airport capacity and forecast planning as well as operational resource management.

DISPO enables you to evaluate the efficiency of the design and the level of service, to assess capacity as well as to analyze different operational and positioning scenarios. DISPO also empowers you to generate traffic forecast scenarios.

 The interconnection of the DISPO resource allocation and passenger flow simulation modules is ideal  for what-if-analysis of different layouts, design and operational scenarios:

  • definition of expected waiting times depending on throughput development
  • capacity improvement and demand distribution when introducing additional resources or  areas
  • impact of different  check-in, gate or stand allocation scenarios on the other resources like security checks in order to get a balanced distribution of passengers
  • effect of expected traffic development on capacity demand

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